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From the moment you land in East Africa, Heritage Explorers ensures you are well taken care of. We’ll welcome you at the airport and embark on an unforgettable adventure, managing every aspect of your itinerary. From arranging internal flights and coordinating transfers to and from your accommodations to organizing day trips, tours, and activities that showcase the best of Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Zanzibar, and other destinations, we handle it all.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, you can unwind and savor your holiday without worrying about the details. We manage everything, allowing you to simply enjoy a remarkable safari experience!

Flight Booking and Reservation

Flight booking and reservation

We arrange domestic and international flights for clients, offering various airline options and managing all aspects of ticketing and reservations to ensure a seamless travel experience.

Hotel Reservation

Accomodation booking

We book accommodations ranging from luxury hotels to cozy vacation lodges, matching clients with the perfect lodging options that suit their preferences and enhance their travel experience.

African Safari

Guided Tours & Excursions

We organize and book guided tours to national parks, historic sites, cultural landmarks, and natural wonders, providing clients with insightful and enriching experiences led by knowledgeable guides.

Travel Booking Guide

Travel Consultation & Advice

We offer expert travel consultation, advising clients on destination choices, local customs, safety, and health precautions, ensuring well-informed and enjoyable travels.

Sunset watching

Customized Vacation Packages

We craft personalized travel itineraries, ensuring each trip is tailored to the client’s interests, whether it’s cultural immersion, adventure, or relaxation, while fitting their budget.

Transportation and Transfer Services

We coordinate comprehensive ground transportation solutions, including car rentals, airport and private transfers, ensuring clients can move around comfortably and efficiently during their trip.

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